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We have prepared specially designed MBA programs that are fully realized via distance learning (multimedia online platform). Each study program enables you to acquire knowledge tailored to the labor market and an internationally recognized MBA degree from the renowned Austrian Institute of Management (Austrian Institute of Management).


Get an internationally recognized MBA degree from the comfort of your home


Why choose an MBA?

  • Distant learning - study when you want and where you want, from home or work!
  • Program is combined into modules in an optimal duration of 12 months (60 ECTS).
  • The MBA is led by top international lecturers and scientific authors.
  • Learn by example, and practice it on real life case studies.
  • Get an internationally recognized degree from an accredited and well-known Austrian university.

We have prepared specially designed study programs that are fully realized through computer (distance learning). Each study program enables you to acquire knowledge tailored to the labor market and an internationally recognized MBA degree from the renowned Austrian Institute of Management (Austrian Institute of Management).

Which MBA programs can I enroll in?

  • MBA Business Management
  • MBA Finance
  • MBA Project Management

Thanks to the flexibility offered by distance learning, you no longer have to travel to college and attend lectures, now top international speakers will lead you through study materials through a multimedia web platform over a period of only 12 months.

The program participant chooses to study in English or German.

Enroll today, graduate in only 14 months!

We bring 7 good reasons why you should enroll in MBA program as soon as possible:

  1. MBA degree is an investment in knowledge and your own competitiveness in the labor market.
  2. Enroll MBA and complete it in just 12 months!
  3. The knowledge you receive on the MBA is applicable in practice!
  4. Study where and when you want it - ideally if you are busy with work or family responsibilities.
  5. Interactive modules and progress monitoring system allows you to track your progress in acquiring knowledge and course of study.
  6. Your study focuses on practical knowledge and real life examples.
  7. All tests are online. Over 2000 satisfied students have finished our study programs!

When can I enroll, and when does the lectures start? Who is eligible to enroll MBA?

The study can be immediately enrolled in via an application form. The price of the study is 8,900 EUR. Half of this amount should be paid when enrolling the study, and the rest before the start of the second semester. Thanks to the online distance learning, the beginning of the program is adapted to you. Lectures and studies start at the moment you sign in to the system and begin with distance studying.

MBA can enroll students with a Bachelor's degree (BA). Students who have not yet obtained a Bachelor's Degree, can enroll if they meet level 6 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) or if they have completed high school education and have work experience of at least 5 years.

Academic lectures are application oriented

How is the study organized?

Distance learning is interactive, flexible and fun, and is fully done through internet. Lectures are not based on recorded lectures or reading PDF documents, but through a multimedia web platform with a number of study materials (videos, infographics, examples, and case studies). The content of the multimedia platform was created by international lecturers from 18 EU countries, and the best examples of case studies were selected for you to follow during the MBA program. Study modules have been developed through 25 years of experience in lectures, and examples of business practice have been taken from real life.

  • Learn through easy-to-understand examples.
  • Multiple choice tests allow you to self-assess progress and understand study material.
  • Numerous exercises and practical examples make it easier and quicker to understand the content.
  • You will apply acquired knowledge to real-life examples.
  • Mastering study material through interactive learning platform.
  • Online video consultation during your distance learning.
  • Technical support during your distance learning.
  • Continuous academic support during distance learning.
  • Support is available to you on weekdays, with a guaranteed response within 24 hours.
  • Possibility of online conversation with lecturers and other colleagues in the MBA program.
  • Access to frequently asked questions.
  • Learn materials with emphasis on key issues and optimal understanding of the academic content.
  • Students can exchange experience with their MBA students.
  • The simple interface of the multimedia platform makes it easy to manage and learn academic content.

If you have a questions during the course of study, your question is answered by the expert in less than 24h. Instead of writing a diploma paper, an MBA student has the opportunity to complete a study through a comprehensive project assignment. The study lasts 12 months, while an additional 2 months (12 + 2) is planned for the final project task that ends the study program and grants the MBA diploma.

MBA study program is led by:

  • Dr. Thomas Eidenberger
  • Ralf Jochheim, MSc MMBA
  • Daniel-Remus Laes
  • Dr. Stefan Mackowski, MBA
  • Christian Reibenspiess
  • Mag. Dr. Helmut Siller, MSc
  • (FH) Christian Smodics

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