3D Academy on Digital (R)evolution 2018 conference

We presented the program of the 3D Academy and the practical application of digital products and 3D prints in the dental industry.

3D Academy on Digital (R)evolution 2018 conference

Digitalization has a significant impact on the labor market in EU countries by changing the dynamics of jobs, working conditions and necessary skills. In a study (2010) of the European Center for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) on the demand and offer of skills in Europe, it is projected that by the 2020 there will be about 7,000,000 more jobs than today.

Who is the 3D Academy for?

Experts in product development or production in all areas of technology (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics, robotics, ...), design, architecture, art, as well as other persons in science and education, innovators, modelers and other interested professionals.

What does the program include?

  • dynamic lectures and professional lecturers
  • knowledge of the fundamentals of photogrammetry
  • knowledge of 3D optical measurement methods
  • knowledge of production metrology
  • knowledge of processing digitized data
  • knowledge of the importance of form and position tolerance
  • creating 3D models in CAD tools
  • knowledge of additive production
  • knowledge of quality management systems
  • necessary software, tools and materials