Become a 3D technology specialist

For the first time in Croatia one can enroll 3D Academy and become Specialist in 3D technology.

Become a 3D technology specialist

Do you know what 3D technology is and what are its benefits?

Printing on paper has long since entered our everyday life and we are all familiar with the progress that has made carefree and easy reproduction of your favorite text, drafts or photos. In recent years, 3D printing has become more popular and more accessible. What seemed unimaginable to us now becomes reality. Various industries increasingly perceive the potential of 3D technology, home 3D printers become more accessible, and printing objects from plastic, metal and other materials has become a reality that we need to adapt and prepare.

In order to get the best results and make the most of advanced technology, you need to acquire certain knowledge and skills. It is not enough just to buy technology, it is also necessary to have qualified professionals who know how to make the best use of it. In order for the economy to exploit the potential of 3D technology in the best possible way, it is necessary to educate professionals who will know these technologies, their characteristics and get the most out of them. This is exactly the goal of the Academy - educating a new generation of 3D technology experts.

What does the 3D Academy Education Program has offer?

The "3D Specialist Specialist" program is an integrated program that consists of 3 specializations: 3D Optical Method Specialist, Digital 3D Model Specialist and 3D Printing Technology Specialist. 

3D ACADEMY contains the following educational modules:

General modules

  • Concept of 3D academy, structure, preconceptions, technical condition
  • The basics of computer technology - Computers and peripherals, computer programs
  • 3D technology overview - touch points

3D optical metering methods for measuring shape and dimensions:

  • Introduction, Definition and Definition of Photogrammetry
  • 3D Digitization with Optical 3D Scanner
  • Advanced 3D scanning methods
  • The basics of production metrology
  • Digitized data processing and preparation of measurement reports
  • Processing polygonal networks and preparing for further use
  • 3D scanning automation
  • GD & T tolerance of shape and position

3D Optical Measurement Methods for Measuring Shifts and Deformations:

  • Introduction, Definition and Definition of Photogrammetry
  • 3D optical metering of discrete points
  • 3D optical displacement and deformation measurement on the surface of the object
  • processing the measurement results, showing the measurement results and their interpretation
  • digital image correlation in material testing
  • comparison of measurement results with numerical simulations

The Basics of Production Metrology:

  • Introduction, Definition and Definition of Metrology
  • Production Measurement and Quality Management
  • Faults and measurement uncertainty in production measurements
  • Measuring and control equipment for production measurements
  • Measurement of shape and dimensions
  • GD & T tolerance of shape and position

At the 3D Academy you will get a unique opportunity to get acquainted with technologies that will help you solve the modern technological challenges. During the Academy's program, experienced professionals will teach you all the skills you need and get familiar with top-notch equipment that will enable you to create 3D models, scan existing geometry, and print your own ideas.

By developing an innovative educational program, for the first time in Croatia, participants will have the opportunity to acquire skills such as the basis of photogrammetry, the acquisition of knowledge of all the tools and materials they need, advanced 3D scanning methods, digitized results and 3D modeling in CAD tools. All the knowledge and skills are required in today's labor market.