EU project for better digital literacy

In Belfast, we have formed the first generation of IT mentors who will be able to teach digital literacy in seven European countries.

EU project for better digital literacy

The Skills IT project is a continuation of the strategic partnership of seven foreign partners from Ireland, Croatia, Turkey, Spain, the Czech Republic, Greece and Italy. The aim of this meeting in Belfast is to implement an educational program that will increase the digital literacy of low-level or non-qualifying people, people with basic occupations, unemployed people, migrants, economically inactive and elderly people.

During the training, the staff had the opportunity to exchange best practices, tools and strategies to maximize the implementation phase of the target group project with 84 disadvantaged adults in partner countries. In this way we will achieve the goal of the project that will increase ICT competences among adults from our target group.

Education overview:

  • Three people from each partner organization participated in the training, a total of 21 participants
  • BWC developed the concept of mentoring training that included learning outcomes, education materials and curriculum
  • BWC held training for selected mentors within partner organizations
  • Trained mentors will be involved in mentoring the target group in all partner countries
  • Added value of training is transnational cooperation and exchange of experience among the staff of partner organizations

Digital literacy is important as reading or writing skills, and includes digital skills and knowledge such as work with word processing software and spreadsheets, using web browsers, e-mail and Internet browsers, and the adoption of these fundamental digital skills for unemployed people greatly increases the opportunities for finding a job and making them more competitive in the labor market.

The Callidus team in Belfast has actively participated in project activities in which three people from Croatia became IT mentors, which will enable Croatia to further implement digital literacy programs and thus contribute to the implementation of this successful European educational project. As part of the project, the Conference "Developing Peer Mentoring for Adult Learners" was held with all partners and relevant stakeholders in order to present the modules of education of the mentoring of equal participants in the public.

The next project meeting will be held in KAS, in Turkey in June 2018.