Unique in Croatia: Online MBA in 12 Months

Callidus Institution for adult education gets the exclusive right to offer online MBA studies in Croatia, Serbia and BiH

Unique in Croatia: Online MBA in 12 Months

Callidus adult education institution has signed a partnership agreement with the company ELC E-Learning-Consulting which Callidus acquired the exclusive right to offer high quality MBA at the Croatian territory, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro.

This cooperation offers education in Croatia is richer for three study programs that promote distance learning:

  • MBA Business Management (MBA Business Management)
  • MBA Finance (MBA Finance)
  • MBA Project Management (MBA Project Management)

There are specially designed study programs that are in the completeness conducted via computer (distance learning). Each degree program allows  to acquire knowledge adapted to the labor market and an internationally recognized MBA  famous Austrian Institute of Management ( Austrian Institute of Management ). 
The curriculum is a complex in the modules in the optimum study duration of 12 months (60 ECTS) , while the additional two months (12 + 2) is provided for writing the final paper in order to acquire an MBA diploma.

Thanks to the flexibility offered by distance learning, students have the added convenience because you do not have to travel to college and attend college, but it leading foreign lecturers during the 12 months of water through the study material through multimedia web platforms. The student programs can I choose whether to study in English or German, and even the process of applying to college can be completely done by the computer.

The content of multi-media platforms through which conducted the study created by top international experts from 18 European countries, and selected the best examples of case studies to students with an understanding could follow the MBA program as well as to their knowledge could be applied in real life to concrete examples. Study modules are developed through 25 years of experience in teaching and examples of business practices are taken from real life.

This cooperative partnership Institution Callidus strengthen its own offer education study program, which is already several years in a row, was voted the best MBA infection by the e-Learning Journal. 

More about MBA programs is available at:  MBA programs