The 3D Academy began with the first lectures

3D Academy is a unique program, the first of its kind in Croatia, offering all the knowledge needed to master and apply 3D technology

 The 3D Academy began with the first lectures

Under expert guidance D.Sc. Nenad Drvar, the first 3D Academy attendees and 3D Specialists for 3D technology, attended the first lecture of the 3D Academy. Equipped with the state-of-the-art 3D equipment, supplies and teaching materials, attendees will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to apply 3D technology including the scanning of existing geometry, 3D modeling in 3D software tools, and 3D printing of their own ideas. The prgram of 3D Academy lasts for a total of 126 hours.

The 3D Academy Program includes dynamic lectures, professional lecturers, and provides the necessary software, tools and materials. The 3D Academy is particularly interesting and useful to experts in product development or production in all fields of technology (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics, robotics), design, architecture, art as well as other people in science and education, innovators, modelers and other interested experts ) and, apart from the integrated program of the Academy, everyone interested can enroll and attend individual modules through multi-day seminars, so choose those areas of the 3D Academy that are more interested in them or where more exercise or professional advice is needed.

The 3D Academy Modules are:

  • 3D measurement
  • 3d modelling
  • 3D printing


More about the 3D Academy program can be found in the presentation at or you can send us an inquiry via, live webchat or phone +38514095810.