Developing the Technical Academy (TechAk) for the automotive industry in Serbia

A project worth nearly million euros aims to develop an education centre that will train staff and boost the development of the Serbian automotive industry

Developing the Technical Academy (TechAk) for the automotive industry in Serbia

The main goal of a partnership project worth nearly one million euros is the development of an education centre that will train and train staff for the needs of the development of the automotive industry in Serbia. In mid-November, a kick-off meeting of a project partners was held in Belgrade. Funded by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) project is officially called "Technical Academy for Automobile Cluster in Serbia".

The project owner is BFI, and the partners of the project are Callidus, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Weidinger & Partner. Callidus, together with its foreign partners, has been recognised as the leading education expert in the region, with extensive experience in the field of development of education programs and the promotion of lifelong education.

The main activities of the partner project are:

  • Establishment of TechAK as an integral part of the education activities of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce
  • Development of the curriculum with the methodology of blended learning
  • Training a total of 30 trainers
  • Training a total of 20 mentors
  • Start a pilot program for at least 200 Academy members
  • Dissemination of the project and accompanying activities

The Republic of Serbia has recognised the necessity of investing in education, especially in companies that have significant growth potential and offer greater employment opportunities. New investments and the realisation of the full potential of economic growth depend to a large extent on qualified personnel. The establishment of the Technical Academy would correct the inadequate orientation of vocational education to the labour market and at the same time ensure the transfer of know-how oriented to the needs of the labour market and Serbian automotive industry. The Academy will significantly improve a link between the labour market, the growing automotive industry and educational institutions in Serbia. With this project, Callidus has been recognised as a socially responsible partner, and together with a large network of foreign partners and experts, is participating in numerous educational projects and is actively working to improve the educational system.