We are participating in Erasmus+ educational projects worth half a million euros

Callidus has been a proud member of the Euroeso Group for two years and successfully participates in two Erasmus projects worth more than half a million euros

We are participating in Erasmus+ educational projects worth half a million euros

At a meeting held in late February, new project ideas were introduced and strategic partnerships established that will enter their project ideas to published Erasmus + tenders by the end of March this year.

In the project Skill IT project, Erasmus +, worth 260,500 euros, Callidus has been involved with the aim of developing, designing and implementing the enhancement of basic skills, especially digital skills for adults, and those with a low level of qualification or no qualification, people with basic occupations , unemployed people, migrants and inactive economists and the elderly.

"Youthcoach Project - My Opportunity for the Future" has successfully transposed, adapted and implemented innovative projects to strengthen partnerships between education and employment in initial vocational education and training. Worth € 276 810, puts particular emphasis on preventing abandonment of vocational education from a multi-dimensional point of view, including companies, vocational organizations and vocational teachers and trainers, with emphasis on capacity building with vocational teachers and trainers and young students in vocational education with a view to retaining young people in vocational education and improving co-operation between vocational education and the world of work.

Both projects are fully funded from EU funds, and more info about projects can be found here.